Traveling While Pregnant: A Globetrotting Stiletto’s Perspective

October 25, 2016

traveling while pregnant Metanoya outside of The Essex Resort & Spa in Essex, Vermont.

I really miss globetrotting. Before learning I was pregnant, I had Cuba, Argentina, South Africa, Malta, Turkey and Portugal planned for this year, plus a few press trips to the Caribbean and Central America, just enough travel to keep my palette diversified.

And then a few days after returning home from a work trip to Cancun in early April, I peed on the tip of a First Response Pregnancy Test and three minutes later, learned that I was very pregnant. Very pregnant as in 10-11 weeks pregnant according to the blood test that I demanded my doctor take 12 hours after yielding the results of my at-home urine test. 99.9% accuracy wasn’t enough, that .1% margin of error needed to be confirmed.

traveling while pregnant Metanoya shopping for her little one in Burlington, Vermont.

How the heck did this happen? I mean we all know how, but really, how? My guy and I definitely weren’t trying. Yes, I missed my period but so did three of my other 33-year-old sexually active girlfriends, which I discovered as we openly chatted about the irregularity of our cycles via text message. I thought I was an anomaly but my research proved I wasn’t, so life went on. With no morning sickness, no nausea, no clear symptoms, I charged the backup to doing the most and waited patiently for my friend to come. She never did.

traveling while pregnant Metanoya at 31 weeks pregnant at JFK Airport en route to Burlington with her growing bump.

Once the initial shock settled and I digested the fact that I was having a baby, next came globetrotting. With Zika disrupting travel for expecting couples and moms diligently working to get pregnant, most Caribbean, Central and South American destinations were off-limits. Europe, Asia, The Continent and Australia were still an option but the blessing of being with child strangely made me, the Globetrotting Stiletto, who lived in 3 different countries and traveled to over 32, hesitant to globetrot. The life developing inside my womb felt more important than collecting passport stamps.

traveling while pregnant Le Belly. Mommy’s greatest accessory!

Yes, I could do both, be pregnant and travel, but I didn’t want to. I realized I still loved the idea of visiting a new place for the first time, absorbing culture and the distinctive beauty that comes with life outside the confines of your everyday environment, but there is also power in being still. Being present for a moment I hadn’t planned for and available to share my moment with the people I love most. Traversing through some foreign place making friends with strangers could wait. My friends and family needed me and me and baby needed them.

traveling while pregnant “The life developing inside my womb felt more important than collecting passport stamps.”

As I type this memo from my departure gate at JFK, waiting on my flight to board, I can honestly admit that I’m content with my decision not to globetrot, but do look forward to the domestic babymoon about to go down. To be continued…

traveling while pregnant

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