The Four Types Of Travelers You Always See At The Airport

April 6, 2017


At the airport, you find all types of characters. From spring breakers’ and business globetrotters, to travel cliques and celebrites with massive entourages, they all pass through airports worldwide and some do it more gracefully than others. For fun, before you board your next flight, spend some time people watching and see how many of the travel types listed below you can spot.


Stress in it’s real life form. This person either forgot to set that alarm or traffic got in the way. Either way, you see these people mad dashing through the airport like it’s on fire. While most of our heads spin at the sight of watching the insanity unfold, we admire the determination to make it, even if the door is 2 seconds from closing.

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Traveling with a child can be an unexpected adventure. Some parents will do anything to keep their kids happy and quiet at the airport, they don’t want to inconvenience other travelers. But what if you’re that parent traveling with that kid who is screaming and nothing and no one can calm them down? Yikes! Whether that’s your scenario or not, globetrotting with kids can be a bit much. Anyone brave enough to do it, we salute you.


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For most of us, our smartphone is a one-stop-shop for calls, pics, sharing and browsing but for this type of traveler it’s not. Laptop, cellphone, tablet, bluetooth, walkie talkies, they’ve got it all! If you need to find the nearest outlet to charge your phone as you wait for your flight, sorry they’ve already got it. Ugh.


Be honest, is this you? The person in the travel clique that’s always forgetting something? Your toiletries, wallet, medicine, strapless bra—basically important items that can be of use to you on vacation. We feel sorry for your roomie! This means that he/she is obligated to share with yo forgetful arse. Annoying. Time to get a checklist, boo.

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