The Best Travel Itinerary For Our Young Globetrotters

November 25, 2016

young traveler itinerary

Being a young adult in college is one of the most rewarding and difficult parts about life. Along with the fun nights and self-discovery comes the realization that you are growing up and will eventually be out there competing on a global level. But before that, we have to pass one of the hardest parts of college—finals. From term papers to exams, students everywhere are pulling all-nighters, souped-up on caffeine in hopes that they will have successfully met the requirements for the semester before that well-needed break. For many, this break means a chance to finally travel without a legal guardian. Can’t think of where to plan your trip? No worries, we broke it down for you. Here are some places to consider hitting when the semester is officially ova!

Most Economical Hot Spot: Bolivia


Bolivia may not be a country on your travel radar but it should be. The South American gem nestled between Chile and Brazil is surrounded by lush forests and lovely lakes, and is known for it’s fun cultural festivals (Oruro). In addition, there are several historical monuments, museums and churches to visit if exploration is your kinda thang. A trip here means a budget of $23USD a day, which includes food, transportation and housing. We like that! 

Alternatives:  Nicaragua (daily budget: $43USD) and Albania (daily budget: $40USD)

Best Beach Towns: Thailand

best beaches in thailand

Thailand is quickly becoming one of the more popular destinations for globetrotters. It’s architecturally and geographically stunning! The beaches are tropical and have plenty of amazing activities like elephant riding, which we hear is a must! A few other cool things about Thailand are the street food and nightlife. Budgeters can spend up to $20USD a day and still feel like they’ve gotten the most out of their experience. 

Alternatives: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (daily budget: $27 USD ) and Nassau, Bahamas (daily budget: $126 USD)


Coolest Destination With The Cheapest (Tastiest) Eats: Vietnam

vietnamese food

Vietnamese food is one of the most popular Asian foods around and for good reason—it’s delicious! From Banh Mi (a traditional Vietnamese sandwich) to Pho (a noodle soup) you’re bound to find a good bite almost anywhere in Vietnam. If grub alone doesn’t draw you, go for the stunning Buddhist architecture. Oh, and a meal here for two cost on average, $13 USD. Yep, that’s it!

Alternatives: Portland, Oregon(daily budget: $137USD) and Indonesia (daily budget: $37-$148 USD)

Best Place To Enjoy like An Adult: Miami Beach, FL 

Miami Beach cityscape, Colony Hotel, Boulevard Hotel, Ocean Drive at 8th Street, South Beach, Miami Beach Florida

Now, there’s so much more to Miami than nightlife, but clubbing is an integral part of life here so you must indulge. If you’re 21 and finally ready to get your adult on, legally head to LIV, Icon, or Story and enjoy responsibly! Daily budget: $120-$250USD.

Alternatives: Las Vegas (daily budget: $100- $250USD) and New Orleans (daily budget: $171USD)

Best Place For Romance: Tenerife, The Canary Islands

Spain has seven Canary Islands and Tenerife is the most popular. The secluded beaches and immaculate sunsets make this a sweet destination for you and your boo. And when you get tired of cupcaking, there are tons of fun things to do in town—from shopping to bar hopping, this spot has it all! A budget of $63-158 USD will offer you the most from Tenerife—trust.

Alternatives: Paris, France (daily budget: $173USD) and Hawaii (daily budget: $ 270USD)

Best Place To Party:  Goa, India

This spot has been one of India’s hottest destinations since the 70’s—it’s the perfect combination of East meets West. Over 2 million people travel to Goa annually for its architecture, white beaches, and of course epic parties. Jump on it and let us know what you think!

Alternatives: Ibiza, Spain (daily budget: $84-$184USD) and Montreal, Canada (daily budget: $134USD)

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