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how to travel confidently

Empower Yourself & Travel Confidently

Does your outfit really have an impact on your confidence? Sure does. Globetrotting Stiletto founder + creator, Metanoya Z. Webb, recently caught up with Travel Italian Style to explore the different ways you can increase your confidence while globetrotting. Whether you’re setting out solo or finally taking that romantic baecay, keep reading for her six essential…

Why The Pulse Tragedy Can’t Keep Me Out of Orlando

In 2012, Newtown Connecticut was devastated by Sandy Hook. Three years later another mass shooting erupted at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Fast forward to 2016, and here we are yet again, being blindsided by a tragedy involving guns. My sincere condolences and heart go out to Orlando, specifically the LGBT community who was targeted…

Best Father's Day Quotes

Famous Father’s Day Quotes We Know You’ll Love

Today is Father’s Day and team GTS has decided to celebrate the men who have played a huge role in our lives. Whether it’s your biological father, stepfather, uncle, or older brother, be sure to let these influential men know how much you appreciate them not just today but every day. We decided to take our celebrating to the…

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