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The GTS Summer Skin Care Preview

When you travel as much as we do, maintaining a healthy glow is essential. While we all have our go-to skin care products, globetrotting to a new environment may mean switching things up a bit. Here are a few goodies that are well worth a try. Check them out before you head out on your next adventure.   Fizz…


GTS Beauty: 7 Summer Makeup Must-Haves

Are you globetrotting with a makeup bag full of ish that you don’t even use? No judgement, we’re guilty of product hoarding too. Seriously, how many shades of red lipstick do you really need to travel with, on top of the pinks, nudes, corals and purples you’re adamant about bringing along? Summer’s here, it’s time to tailor your…

Aerin Brush Essentials

Product Of The Day: Aerin Brush Essentials

We’ve blessed you with a jumper, scratch map, Birkin, headphones, safari suitcase, Nicholas Kirkwood flats—useful style tools for Globetrotting Stilettos—next up, makeup brushes that actually make applying makeup easier while you’re on the road. Aerin’s Brush Essentials Collection is stocked with every brush you need to achieve the look your going for. You can powder your face,…

Spring in NYC

GTS Beauty: Spring Time Fine

Spring just started and we’re already thinking about summer, particularly the bikini bodies that come along with it. You know the usual, cramming intense workouts into your daily schedule to make up for those holiday feasts and the obscene amount of comfort food you ingested to keep you comforted during our never-ending winter. Well, we’re here to…

travel beauty essentials

GTS Beauty: Dr. Lin Skincare Daily Cleanser + Acne Pads

Living the jet-setter life is cool and all but when frequent globetrotting begins to take a toll on your skin, it’s time to rethink your beauty regimen. Our readers are committed to maintaining a flawless complexion by drinking on average 9-cups of water each day, exfoliating at least twice a week, removing makeup before hitting the sheets…

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