Looking Back & Ahead: The Best In 2016 Travel

September 19, 2016

best fall travel

#SummerSixteen is officially over. And although it’s hard to say goodbye to rooftop drinks and weekends at the beach, today we’re celebrating the past while looking ahead at the best of the best in the up and coming seasons. This fall is all about adventure. Yes, we pride ourselves in being stiletto-clad globetrotter, but we sure as heck love fun. Whether it’s embarking on a historical journey to Malta, or enjoying a scenic escape to one of the 58 U.S. National Parks, we’ve got attractive fall travel options for every type of traveler. For winter, take the fam on a ski trip to Vail or if your pockets can afford to catch a flight to Hong Kong, girl, go! Keep reading…

Most Visited Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada 

fall travel to las vegas

According to Trip Advisor, Las Vegas was the most visited destination for Americans this summer beating out NYC, Paris, and London. The average cost for a week-long summer getaway to Vegas was $2,224 which includes airfare, food, and activities. Trip Advisor also reported that the best time to go and save money is between August 15th– 21st (keep that in mind for summer 2017) where an average week’s stay cost $2,050 pp. Now, you may think it’s odd to hit the desert in August but it’s less likely to rain and humidity is low (although it’s still hot and dry as hell). To keep cool, spend your days in one of Vegas’ many pools and remember to monitor alcohol consumption, we don’t want you passing out!

If you didn’t make it to Sin City this summer, go for fall. The weather is perfect and per usual, there’s lot to do. This month, get your Mediterranean grub on at the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival. In October, join your fellow rough ryders at the Las Vegas BikeFest and of course, NYE in Vegas can’t compare with anywhere else in the world. Have fun!

Best Value Destination: Malta


A trip to one of the three Malta islands was a steal compared to other Mediterranean destinations this summer. The average budgeting tourist spends just around $90 per day on housing, meals, and activities, while those not budgeting spend $140 for the same things. Not bad! The weather in Malta averages about 95 degrees during the summer months but its long coastline means there’s always a breeze.

Globetrotting to Malta is smart year round but keep in mind that their rainy season is from September-November. But since the small islands are easy to navigate, the rain won’t cramp your style. Paceville is a popular area for nightlife but spend your days visiting ancient churches and beach hopping through a country that’s been around since 600 B.C.

Best US Getaway: US National Parks 

best us national parks to visit in fall

The U.S. National Park Service celebrated its 100th birthday on August 25th 2016 and we’re celebrating all year-long! A trip to any of the 58 U.S. National Parks are always a treat because of the scenic views, camping paradises, fishing, swimming, horseback riding and so much more. Love winter sports? Then a trip to one these parks needs to happen before the close of 2016.  From Glacier Bay to Yellowstone, you’re guaranteed a good time.

Best Beach Getaway: Bora Bora

why you need to visit Bora Bora

This summer, French Polynesia was all the rage but one particular spot was a major win for tourists: Bora Bora. The 6-mile long 2-mile wide beach paradise is surrounded by beauty and serenity. From crystal clear wasters and sunny skies, to dormant volcanoes, and luxury resorts, this destination is the ultimate escape from every day life. One perk of visiting Bora Bora in the fall/winter is that the weather is consistently 85 degrees. If that’s not enough, the island was ranked number 2 by US News & World Travel report for best winter getaways. Take in a hike or feed the sting rays, this place is well worth a visit.

Best Weekend Getaway: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

why you should visit myrtle beach

This 60-mile long brown sand heaven is the perfect spot for travelers of all ages. They’ve got water parks, shopping centers, race tracks, aquariums, and minor league sports teams, aka, something for everybody! With most hotels starting around $31 per night,  Myrtle Beach is consistently ranked among the most affordable destinations in the country.

When the temperature takes a plunge, head west to Vail, Colorado. We advise you go in the fall versus winter because crowds are smaller and don’t pick up again until the peak of ski season (Christmas/ New Years ). Stay at a luxury all-inclusive resorts like Sonnenalp (packages start at $227) and enjoy spa treatments, fine dining, hiking, and horseback riding, just to name a few of the attractive things they have going on over there.

Top Foodie Destination: Traverse City, Michigan

traverse city michigan food scene

Traverse City has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for food lovers in the country. There’s a strong agricultural presence in this town ensuring visitors constant fresh ingredients. Former Iron Chef Mario Batali listed 9 of his favorite restaurants around the world and 2 were in Traverse City! The Cook’s House which offers what he calls “field to table” dining (entrees include:Duck Breast, Leg Confit, Braised Pork Belly, and Lake Trout). The other is Frenchies Famous which offers sandwiches, coffee, tea, and desert (menu includes: Pesto Toast, Pastrami Sandwich and Raspberry Yogurt Crepes). Once you’re through stuffing your face, wine down at one of the many lakes around the city and enjoy the good vibes.

If your budget permits, hop a flight to Emilia Romagna, home to Italy’s food capital, Bologna, where citizens and tourists can enjoy truffles during harvest season. There are countless chefs and food artisans in Bologna, sample as many as possible and Snapchat the entire experience. P.S. don’t miss out on the White Truffle Festival from October 11th- November 16th.

Looking Ahead…

Must Get To Destination: Hong Kong, China

why travel to hong kong is hot right now

According to CNN Travel, Hong Kong is the most visited city in world with and average of 27.7 million international visitors per year. There are many things that make Hong Kong one of the most desirable destinations on the globe. From high-paced technological advancements, to the natural scenic views and ancient Chinese architecture, Hong Kong is fascinating. Temperatures are hot and humid for most of the year making it a potential typhoon hazard. However, temps drop between October and December making this the ideal time to visit.  P.S. Boating and shopping are two things tourist enjoy most. Jump on it!

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