Globettroting With…Metanoya Z. Webb

January 23, 2017

metanoya z. webb

On our site, we are committed to showcasing influential globetrotters from around the world. It’s the stories they tell that connect us. The vivid memories of travels to destinations near and far that keep us hooked. The bonds made with people they encounter that inspire them to continue to travel, and leave us yearning for more. More adventure. More color. More purpose. More stories. It’s part of the reason why GTS was created. To unveil that soul-deep thing that makes globetrotting necessary. Each month, we’ll hear from the founder + creator of Globetrotting Stiletto, Metanoya Z. Webb, to catch up on life, travels and of course, GTS. 

Why did you create Globetrotting Stiletto?

Metanoya: GTS was born out of a very authentic place. I didn’t find it, it found me. Ten years ago I decided to peace publishing temporarily and go live in Costa Rica. I was working at Marie Claire at the time, toyed around with the idea of living abroad again because I love to travel, worked out the logistics and made it happen. I officially became a Globetrotting Stiletto on this trip. There was a certain sense of power and authority I felt taking ownership of my journey and courageously living abroad, alone, at 23. You gain life through travel and I’m a storyteller, so I decided to merge the two. Voila—Globetrotting Stiletto is born.

Is there anything you want GTS readers to know?

Metanoya: Travel is absolutely necessary. I consider myself a trendsetter because documenting your travels a decade ago wasn’t as common as it is today. I wasn’t doing it for likes and recognition back then,  but rather to inspire and encourage other people to travel to. I made people’s dream a very practical reality. I want readers to know that my team and I are dedicated to GTS because this is something we truly believe in. Travel can change your life. We want readers to tap into the healing and transformative powers of traveling.

What sets you and GTS apart from others?

Metanoya: We’re storytellers. We have columns like 60 seconds with and Globetrotting With where we tell compelling travel stories. Within every Globetrotting Stiletto lies a catalog of memories. It’s that depth we’re after. That quality content that hooks you from the onset and makes you a believer. And our site is gorgeous! From the photos and the design to the content, we put out quality product. GTS isn’t for everyone, we do speak to a specific type of traveler, and if it’s not for you, we’re pretty certain you know a Globetrotting Stiletto who would be into what we do.

What makes someone a Globetrotting Stiletto?

Metanoya: That’s a great question! I think there are tons of things that make someone a Globetrotting Stiletto. First, you’re a stylish jet-setter who is committed to travel. You go because you have to. You need to see, feel, taste, touch, immerse yourself in culture, scour the globe for inspiration, treasures that exist outside the confines of your everyday life. A Globetrotting Stiletto loves to splurge on experiences, seldom things, experiences matter more to her. She has a wish-list of all the places she wants to see, things she wants to do. She values time and lives in the moment because she knows tomorrow is not promised.

What can we expect from GTS in the near future?

Metanoya: Definitely more video content. We will create a new collection of travel video content that is real and unique.

Favorite place to visit?  Jamaica! There’s no place like home. Croatia is a close second.

Favorite affordable place to visit? Domestic! it’s the best way to save money and the USA has got some really cool places!

Favorite luxury place to visit? Greece or any of the Mediterranean destinations.  

Destinations with the best food? Jamaica, Croatia, Greece, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, and New Orleans.

Favorite place to travel solo? Anywhere. I’m not afraid to travel alone. I’ve done it plenty of times and there is still a long list of places I would love to go, alone, so long as there’s wifi.

Favorite place to travel with friends: Panama City!  Rio is a lot of fun, too.

Favorite place to travel domestically? Hudson Valley, it’s gorgeous. People sleep on Upstate New York.

Something you can never travel without: Comfy socks.



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