Why You Need to Visit Mexico City in 2016

December 23, 2015

El Ángel and Frida Kahlo may be what come to mind when you think of Mexico City, but that’s not all the thriving metropolis has to offer. It’s sprawling with arts and culture, good eats and charming neighborhoods that you’re bound to spend hours wandering through aimlessly  when you visit. The climate is consistent so traveling there anytime is the right time, which is why we’re putting the destination on your radar now. We have a simple ask, when you go, snap a selfie in front of a Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera painting and tag us on Instagram. What? There’s nothing wrong with living vicariously through you. Enjoy yaself!


why you need to visit mexico city
Angel de la Independencia, Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is enchanting and can reveal a startling intimacy beneath all the grandeur and sprawl. To know the real Mexico City is to marvel and appreciate its mural-covered museums, colorful craft markets, provocative art and design scenes, and to sample some of the most deliciously complex food in Latin America. El Distrito Federal (the D.F.) has emerged as one of the world’s cultural powerhouses.  Scroll down and discover what awaits you.


EAT: Biko Restaurant

biko_entasisarquitectos170808_6 Biko Restaurant

With specials like fish wire, almond wild turkey carnitas, paplanta quail and corn pancakes, your taste buds deserve to experience Biko. Book a reservation online immediately after you secure your flight and hotel, we don’t want you missing out on quality Mexican grub. The decor is minimal, which allows the culinary techniques of the Basque country and native Mexico that happens behind the scenes to take center stage. Enjoy, loves.

Pretty plates are the norm at Biko

STAY: Downtown 

53da74856dec627b149eb792_downtown-mexico-city-mexico-114888-2The Pool at Downtown, Mexico City

Downtown attracts adventurous travelers with a taste for good style; think well-heeled folk heading for a rooftop bar. As a converted seventeenth-century palace with 17 rooms, Downtown has an elegant historic flare that makes it one of the city’s most unique hotels. The bar has a plunge pool punctuated by bright yellow accessories, top-of-the-line Talavera pottery is available on site, and rooftop views of Baroque buildings surround the idyllic grounds. Sold yet? If not, do note, in addition to all of the above, hand-crafted Mexican goods and gourmet foods are also available at Downtown. That should win you over.


53dafb5edcd5888e145daaef_downtown-mexico-city-mexico-114888-1Promise us that you will enjoy a few cocktails on Downtown’s rooftop lounge. 


STAY: Las Mananitas, Cuernavaca 

Las Mananitas Las Mananitas Hotel

Las Mananitas‘ beautiful gardens and exotic birds create an atmosphere of tranquility, comfort and elegance that will force you to relax, so don’t you dare fight it. If this is the vibe you’re after, we advise you venture away from the city and spend a few days at this secluded resort.  Just 90 minutes by car from Mexico City, in the town of Cuernavaca, Las Mananitas Hotel Garden Restaurant and Spa is a sweet retreat. Suites feature romantic fireplaces and covered terraces while peacocks roam the grounds like they own the place—technically they do. Book now, thank us later.

DO: Museo Frida Khalo

museo-frida-kahlo-19 Museo Frida Khalo

Museo Frida Kahlo, also referred to as “La Casa Azul,” is the family home where Frida was born in 1907. She would later live and work here with her then, aspiring artist husband, Diego Rivera. You don’t have to be an art lover to appreciate being in the space where Frida and Digeo created some of their most famous pieces.


Plaza Garibaldi 

why you need to visit mexico city

Do live instruments get you going? If so, be sure to head to Plaza Garibaldi early in the evening to check out authentic Mexican Mariachis bands. You never know, bae may get in character and serenade you with a romantic melody then whisk you away in his arms. Enjoy a few margaritas on the street while the bands play on, which is permitted so long as you stay within plaza perimeters. When in Mexico…

Mercado de San Juan


This warehouse-sized building bustles with people, fruits, vegetables and the freshest seafood, even if you don’t buy anything it’s worth seeing. Vendors peddle yummy Mexican edibles for tourists on the novelty hunt and locals buying their weekly cooking staples is quite fascinating to watch, too. You can’t hit Mexico City and not check out Mercado de San Juan. I’m just saying…

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