Globetrotting: Jamaica For New Years

January 7, 2015

Dunns River Falls

Happy (Happy) New Year!

Jamaica for New Years

New Year. New Start. New You. #MakeitCount. I don’t know about y’all but I’m stoked for 2015, which may have something to do with the fact that I closed out the old year and rang in the new one on the sunny island of Jamaica with four of the coolest kids by my side, le bestie included. The five of us moved through Jamrock liked we owned the land. From MoBay to Kingston, to Ochi to Negril, we turned that island out. Group travel just may be my new thang. 2014 was a transformative year, significant shifts occurred in both my personal and professional life. Old doors closed, making room for new doors to open. 2015, I’m ready for you! Thank you, Jamaica, for a perfect vacation spent with pure souls, and for prepping me and GTS for the year ahead. We ready. We ready.

driving from montego bay to kingston

Before we arrived on the island, we decided we were ditching our villa in MoBay, renting a car, and road-tripping it to the capitol for NYE. And precisely that we did. Not blindly though, I have people in Kingston, so we had a place to get ready, crash and recover. For locals, the drive from Montego Bay to Kingston takes about 2 1/2 hours, it took us 4. It was a rough one. The dark windy roads and aggressive Jamaicans flying through those mountains at unnecessary speeds had us clutching each other and rethinking our decision to go, but honey, we made it. Shout out to our designated captain, Big Brother Los, for manhandling the journey and getting us to our final destination in one piece.

Jamaica for New Years

It was a Wang affair on NYE at Absinthe, one of the hottest parties happening in Kingston. DJs Kurt Riley, Coppershot Disco and Dre Day kept us dancing all night long. Loop Jamaica actually snapped me in action. As for the fit, I styled my Alexander Wang x H&M Sports Bra with a pleated metallic skirt by Donna Karan, Giuseppe Zanotti sandals and a Michael Kors crossbody. And we can’t forget about this natural hair of mine that my bestie curiously patted, then asked, “Mey, why is it so compact?” while stretching my tight curls. My reply, “I have black girl hair Hannah.” “Oh…”

absinthe jamaica 2015

NYE at Absinthe
Jamaica for New Years

Two Smiles and a Rude Bwoy Frown. The Calm Before The Dancehall Storm

Jamaica for New Years

Tyrone & The Ladies in Beverly Hills. You get spectacular views of the City from up here. First came fireworks then we moved on to the Dancehall.
Absinthe JamaicaAll-Inclusive Fete, Food, Drinks, Good Vibes & Good Music Included

ackee and saltfish

I packed it in at 7:30am and woke up a few hours later to ackee and saltfish, fried dumpling, boiled yam and sorrel. Tyrone took care of us.driving from montego bay to kingston Peaced Kingston and Headed for Ochi

flash tattoos

New Year, New Ink. Bey and Khloe K. Aren’t The Only Ones Who Know How Rock Flash Tats

dunns river falls

Dunns River Falls!dunns river falls

Editorial Pose, We Make Cool Running Shoes Look Good, Eh.dunns river falls

Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake.
curry chicken moon palace jamaica

The next time you’re in MoBay, visit Half Moon and order the curry chicken and shrimp served alongside white rice, salsa and mango chutney. It taste better than it looks and this ish looks guud.
seascape montego bay jamaica

Tucked away on the top of a hill minutes away from Sangster International Airport and Doctor’s Cave Beach, Seascape, our Jamaican home away from home, is a cozy, well-kempt family-owned villa with an infinity pool, jacuzzi and an impressive, carefully curated collection of art. We booked the home last-minute on Airbnb, not quite knowing what to expect but when we arrived, we were all smiles. Like any where, there were minor snafus, but nothing major, overall we enjoyed our stay.

seascape montego bay jamaica

Sylvan aka Granfadda, the residence’s Angel, made us breakfast, assisted whenever we needed help, which was often, and even offered to walk us into town one morning after we returned our rental and wanted to make a market run.  He’s the sweetest young man with the best stories. seascape montego bay jamaica

Sunflowers Blooming on Seascape’s Serene Grounds

Seascape Montego Bay Jamaica

The View From Way Up Topseascape montego bay jamaica

The Collective, Minus DJ Shari B. Who’s Probably Capturing The Moment

Rick's Cafe Negril Jamaica Watching the sunset at Rick’s Cafe in Negril while admiring my thigh muscle, metallic arrows and stubborn stomach hairs. Schoom!best escovitch fish in montego bay

Escovitch Snapper and Rice & Peas Compliments of Brown Mon, A Local Hot Spot in Doctor’s Cave

rick's cafe negril jamaica

Rick’s Cafe, Bae!
rick's cafe negril jamaica cliff jumping

Proud To Report That We ALL Made The 35-Foot Leap, The Highest Jump On-SiteRick's Cafe Negril Jamaica

Yes, J Succumed To Flash Tats Too. When in Rome…cornmeal porridge and fried dumpling

We Requested Cornmeal Porridge and Fried Plantain and Granfadda Delivered
margaritaville montego bay

Hannah and J Dubbing in Margaritaville
margaritaville montego bay

Mesh Tops & Pum Pum Shorts = Rude Gyal Statussunset at half moon montego bay

Mimosas and a Magical Sunset at Half Moon Beach
Doctor's Cave Beach

Til Next Time JA…


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