Globetrotting: Boating & Bathing in Rabac, Croatia

May 15, 2015

Rabac Croatia

Caribbean Gal Takes On The Adriatic Sea

Boating in Rabac, Croatia
Bring me back to Croatia. I belong there. This was the first 10-day-vacay I’ve taken in a long time. And one of the things I appreciate most about my trip was the chill factor. There was no urgency to do everything I researched, printed out and carried from the US to Central Europe in a royal blue tab folder, the ‘must-see’s’ highlighted and starred, neurotic globetrotter style. The magic of Nedescina, the Istrian village I traveled 13 hours from JFK to, was more than enough. Endless vino, the Adriatic Sea, Papa’s Cadillac, Auntie Fatima’s down home cooking, the vineyards, the air and scenic coast all made me seriously fall in love with Croatia land. I digress. On to boating and bathing in Rabac…

Rabac Croatia

This photo has no filter, what you’re seeing here is real. The waters of the Adriatic are this immaculate. We actually started off on lounging on the rocks at Rabac, a popular beach in Istria, and eventually ended up on a speed boat in the middle of the sea. Beaching in Croatia is different from beaching in the Caribbean and South America, there’s no sand, just boulders and gravel that lead  to most pristine waters.

Rabac Croatia

And then I found the homies… Of course there was a language barrier. I tried really really hard to properly annunciate those tricky Croatian phrases and to no avail. Thankfully, Klaudia, Sasha’s wife, Angela’s cousins, in short, our host family, was nearby and arranged this photo op. This gang of Croatian boys were too damn cool not to stand with. Check the poses.

beaches in Rabac Croatia

From the shore, to the boat, to the sea. In that order.

Diving in Croatia

Diving in is mandatory.
Rabac Croatia

My Jamy Jam facing her fears and actually giving a mid-ocean swim a try. Excuse the lifevest, we’re working on getting her out of it ASAP. Baby steps people, it’s the progress that deserves celebration. 

Rabac Croatia

In Rabac, locals and tourists set up shop on pebbles, rocks or any open space near the water. Of course it’s not as smooth and comfortable as sand but after a while you get use to it. TIP: Bring an extra towel or two when you visit, it helps.

Beaches in Rabac Croatia

Tip-toeing out of the sea in my Married To The Mob 212 Rockaway Swimsuit. She’s a cutie.

Boating in Rabac Croatia

The man looking back at the camera, that’s Sasha’s best friend who let us borrow his boat for the day. Fala! That means ‘thank you’ in Croatian. 

Boating in Rabac Croatia

Klaudia has cornrows, my strands are drenched and free, when in Croatia or globetrotting anywhere around the world, don’t let worrying about hair spoil your fun. I mean, it is just hair, right? P.S. this one piece has the most flattering U cutout ’round back. My intense workouts at David Barton Gym are paying off. 

Rabac Croatia

Natural Beauty.

sveta marina croatia

Jam and Klaudia midway through their color transformations. A few days in the Mediterranean sun will leave your skin flawlessly smooth with an enviable glow.

Boating in Croatia


boating in rabac croatia

Nedescina’s own, Captain Sasha. Behave ladies, he’s taken. 

boating in rabac croatia

As I prophesied on Instagram, one day I’ll own a boat, a yacht to be exact, that I’ll sail around the oceans of the world with my loved ones. My dreams are valid, just like Lupita’s.

Rabac Croatia

I don’t know about y’all but this was my first time beaching this way, and guess what, I like it. That massive white building behind the flock of locals and tourists is one of Rabac’s many swanky hotels.

Boating in Rabac Croatia

Lived in these mirrored Urban Outfitter lenses my entire time abroad. 

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When you’re done bathing, boating, tanning and all that jazz, enjoy a glass of vino with the locals at Movie Bar, located on the boardwalk on Rabac beach.


Photos by Metanoya Z. Webb exclusively for Globetrotting Stiletto Inc.

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