Globetrotter’s Mood: Cuba

February 12, 2016

Globetrotter's Mood: Cuba


You are a stylish jet-setter who’s committed to travel. You go because you have to. You need to see, feel, taste, touch, immerse yourself in culture, scour the globe for inspiration, treasures that exist outside the confines of your everyday life. You’re not afraid to splurge, but prefer to save. When you do splurge it’s on experiences, seldom ‘things,’ experiences matter more. You get down and dirty and enjoy adventure but you also like the cosmopolitan lifestyle—martinis, boating and the finest dining. You have a wish-list of all the places you want to see, things you want to do. You value time and live in the moment because you know tomorrow is not promised. You my friend, are a Globetrotting Stiletto.

Today we’re globetrotting the most populated country in the Caribbean, and on this trip, we’re not bringing our stilettos! When in Cuba aka El Caiman, dancing shoes are a must. The colorful island is the birthplace to classic dance styles like the Mambo and Cha Cha so of course twirling through the streets of Havana is at the top of our to-do list. When your hips aren’t shaking, change out of your flirty dress and into something a bit more low-key, then head out to a paladares (unofficial restaurant in someone’s home) to enjoy an authentic Cuban meal. The government isn’t a fan of these spots, but we are! It’s where the best food in Cuba is said to be found.

If you have time, visit Camaguey. It’s only an hour flight from Havana and is lauded as the cradle of Cuban culture. The cobblestone streets of  the nation’s third largest city are chock-full of 18th century architecture and were designed as a convoluted maze to derail pirates back in the days. Santiago, is another must-see. The city has a distinctive Afro -Cuban flair that honestly can’t be felt anywhere else on the island. Finally, make your way over to Valle de Vinales, a nature lover’s paradise. This destination, nestled in the Sierra de los Órganos mountains, is home to some of Cuba’s most endangered animal species. Be sure to go around sunrise or sunset to capture some breathtaking shots! Okay, we’re done. Have so much fun, loves. 

Globetrotter's Mood: Cuba

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