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10 Amazing Places To Globetrot Before You Die

10 Incredibly Beautiful Places to Visit This Lifetime

The world is filled with beauty but you have not lived until you’ve visited these mesmerizing destinations. We’ve vacay-ed and even temporarily resided in some pretty amazing countries but these 10 spots are in a lane all by themselves. Bored Panda has listed their 40 breathtaking places to see this lifetime and we’ve picked our top 10 to hit out of…

Shrimp on a stick brazil

Globetrotting: Buzios Brazil

Yep, that’s shrimp on a stick, being offered up by a handsome fella on a boat, in the middle of the ocean, with a grill on board cooking sausage, steak, chicken and some other tasty stuff. Never have I ever purchased grilled goods seas-side before touring the crystal-clear waters of Buzios, Brazil a resort town that sits on…

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