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why travel alerts matter

A Few Good Reasons Why Travel Alerts Actually Matter

In 2014 , news of the Ebola outbreak reached state-side and subsequently kept our stilettos out of West Africa. Fast forward to the deadly Paris attacks of 2015, and once again, we’re questioning whether it’s safe to travel to yet another desirable region of the world. Now, here we are, four months into 2016 and so far…

10 Amazing Places To Globetrot Before You Die

10 Incredibly Beautiful Places to Visit This Lifetime

The world is filled with beauty but you have not lived until you’ve visited these mesmerizing destinations. We’ve vacay-ed and even temporarily resided in some pretty amazing countries but these 10 spots are in a lane all by themselves. Bored Panda has listed their 40 breathtaking places to see this lifetime and we’ve picked our top 10 to hit out of…

Globetrotter's Mood: Tuscany, Italy

Globetrotter’s Mood: Tuscany, Italy

THE MINDSET & LIFESTYLE OF A GLOBETROTTING STILETTO You’re a stylish jet-setter who’s committed to travel. You go because you have to. You need to see, feel, taste, touch, immerse yourself in culture, scour the globe for inspiration, treasures that exist outside the confines of your everyday life. You’re not afraid to splurge, but prefer…

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