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best in travel 2016

Looking Back & Ahead: The Best In 2016 Travel

#SummerSixteen is officially over. And although it’s hard to say goodbye to rooftop drinks and weekends at the beach, today we’re celebrating the past while looking ahead at the best of the best in the up and coming seasons. This fall is all about adventure. Yes, we pride ourselves in being stiletto-clad globetrotter, but we sure as…

72 hours in barcelona

The Most Official Barcelona To-Do List, Ever!

Globetrotting to Barcelona is one of my best travel memories. Culture, history, tradition, and gelato are busting at every corner of this popular European city, nestled on the northeast shoulder of the country. With a stretch of Mediterranean coastline along one side, and majestic mountains on the other, a trip to Barcelona is attractive to a variety of travelers. They…

greek ionian islands

Paradise Awaits You at the Greek Ionian Islands

Yes, the above image is real and unfiltered. The world is a beautiful place and here at Globetrotting Stiletto we are committed to inspiring each of you to see as much of it as possible. Okay, now that we’ve gotten that off our hearts, it’s time to focus our attention on the subject at hand: The Ionian Islands,…

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