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cartagena street style

This is How You Do Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena is a gem on the brink of turning into destination hot spot. Popular, but not over populated. Vibrant. Picturesque, but far from perfect. The true beauty of the port city, located on the northern coast of Colombia, lies in the preservation of its history—an eminent past that spans over 400 years. So yes, tropical…

10 Amazing Places To Globetrot Before You Die

10 Incredibly Beautiful Places to Visit This Lifetime

The world is filled with beauty but you have not lived until you’ve visited these mesmerizing destinations. We’ve vacay-ed and even temporarily resided in some pretty amazing countries but these 10 spots are in a lane all by themselves. Bored Panda has listed their 40 breathtaking places to see this lifetime and we’ve picked our top 10 to hit out of…

why every woman should travel solo at least once

Why Every Woman Should Travel Solo at Least Once

I was a Globetrotting Stiletto long before the brand was registered and trademarked. The first time I set out on a solo expedition was during my junior year at Howard. I ditched Chocolate City for Central London and I’ve been traveling ever since. Some may argue that studying abroad doesn’t count as solo travel, but in my book…

why you need to visit mexico city

Why You Need to Visit Mexico City in 2016

El Ángel and Frida Kahlo may be what come to mind when you think of Mexico City, but that’s not all the thriving metropolis has to offer. It’s sprawling with arts and culture, good eats and charming neighborhoods that you’re bound to spend hours wandering through aimlessly  when you visit. The climate is consistent so…

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