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how to travel confidently

Empower Yourself & Travel Confidently

Does your outfit really have an impact on your confidence? Sure does. Globetrotting Stiletto founder + creator, Metanoya Z. Webb, recently caught up with Travel Italian Style to explore the different ways you can increase your confidence while globetrotting. Whether you’re setting out solo or finally taking that romantic baecay, keep reading for her six essential…

How To Get Heatproof Makeup In The Summer

How To Get Heatproof Makeup In The Summer

Just in case you didn’t know, we’re huge makeup lovers! From drugstore to high-end, indie to mainstream brands, we love it all. And personally, I’m the girl people come to when they need suggestions on a look or particular product. One question that I’ve been getting a lot lately is, what’s the best way to rock makeup…

How to Pack Light for a Summer Getaway

How To Pack Light For That Exotic August Getaway

We all know that packing can be a burden, especially when it comes to prepping for that long-awaited summer vacay. And because many of us tend to overpack, left to deal with the unnecessary hassle of heavy luggage, we feel compelled to let you in on a little secret: a carry-on rollerboard is all you need for your forthcoming…

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