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travel etiquette 101

Globetrotting: Travel Etiquette 101

Behaving Badly Abroad? Hope Not… Charge it to my charm school training or West Indian mother who is big on decorum. Elbows off the table. Say excuse me. Yes, thank you. No, thank you. Take your hands away from your face. Watch your mouth. Not so loud. Sit up straight. Acknowledge her. Back then, I thought…

Solo Travel Tips

Globetrotting: 5 Tips For The Solo Traveler

When you want things done the right way, sometimes it’s best you do them yourself. The same goes for globetrotting. #Travel is trending and we’re here to keep you in the know about how to ace the solo jet-setting thing. As daunting as it may seem, it’s actually fun. Whether you’re planning an adventurous excursion or last-minute…

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