60 Seconds With… Yasmeen Ferdjani

March 24, 2017


You see these badass influencers crushing it on the gram and know they got a story to tell. Not the branded narrative promoting a product or service (no shade) but the important stuff like, why they think it’s important for women of color to travel, or how to discover the best of a destination in a short period of time. We cornered your favorite Globetrotting Stilettos and asked the burning questions we know you want answers to. 60 seconds is all you need to walk away feeling satisfied.

GTS: What’s your travel story? 

Yasmeen: During my childhood my family moved around quite a bit, mostly in Canada and West Africa, so from a very young age I was exposed to airplanes and other cultures. When my parents divorced during my teenage years I couldn’t travel for quite some time so this frustration was building up and as soon as I became financially stable I started to travel again. Once I did, that addictive travel big hit me. Hard. I started with quick trips to Oman, Qatar, Lebanon and the more I was traveling the more my horizons were expanding and my To-Visit list kept growing!


GTS: Your Instagram bio states that “Dubai is your lover but Africa has your heart,” expound, please!

Yasmeen: Dubai is such a sexy city. That’s why it’s my lover. I’m from Algeria, a large country in North Africa and I really have this attachment to my homeland, that’s why I say my heart is there. I’ll always go back.

GTS: What brought you to Dubai?

Yasmeen: University! I ended up staying here after school, I really liked it. I think it’s a big blessing because sometimes at the end of a fun vacation you’re depressed and for me, I am happy to go home.

GTS: What does being a Globetrotting Stiletto mean to you?

Yasmeen: I don’t really have rules. Say my friends invite me on a trip they’re planning and it’s something I’m not really interested in then I won’t go.I don’t have rules in a sense where I will go somewhere my heart really wants to go.

GTS: Do you feel like your perspective on travel is different since you live life in the Eastern World?

Yasmeen: Yeah I would say so. Being [Dubai] makes it so easy to travel to Asia, Europe, and Africa, so I think this area makes it so much easier to see a lot of interesting places.

GTS: Top 5 destinations you’ve been to and why?

Yasmeen: I have been to 39 countries and my top five would have to be Cuba, Brazil, Zanzibar , Morocco, New York and Paris. I know that’s six, choosing five was too hard, lol. I’m a big soccer fan so I went to Brazil for the world cup in 2014. I’ve dreamed of attending since I was a kid and I finally made it! My country was playing so the experience was incredible.  I had mix of beautiful emotions, I’m so happy I had the opportunity to go. I also visited five different cities while I was there to see different soccer games which made the trip even more special because I got to enjoy my other passion, soccer. I love Cuba because it’s so unique. The country is still stuck in the 80’s and that’s a good thing, aesthetically. I visited when I was already deep into photography and everywhere you look is the perfect backdrop for a great photo. Paris and New York—it’s Paris and New York! They’re just so unique.

GTS: What’s in your travel bag? 

Yasmeen: My Cannon. My iPhone, and my portable charger.

GTS: How would you describe your photography aesthetic?

Yasmeen: It’s interesting because I’ve been trying to figure that out. I guess I’m trying to portray my travel enthusiasm I hope that people will get a feel that it is unique. Travel and photography coexist and I try to match them but there’s the way I see things. The best compliment that someone can give me when they see my profile is that they love the way I see things.

GTS: What is your dream destination to shoot in and why?

Yasmeen: The closest and next one will be hopefully be Cape Town, South Africa. I’m from the most northern point of Africa and Cape Town is the most southern. So it would be sort if symbolic for me.

GTS: What’s on your calendar for 2017?

Yasmeen: South Africa, France, Morocco, and maybe Jamaica.


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