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March 6, 2017

miss jetsetter

You see these badass influencers crushing it on the gram and know they got a story to tell. Not the branded narrative promoting a product or service (no shade) but the important stuff like, why they think it’s important for women of color to travel, or how to discover the best of a destination in a short period of time. We cornered your favorite Globetrotting Stilettos and asked the burning questions we know you want answers to. 60 seconds is all you need to walk away feeling satisfied.

GTSWhat does being a Globetrotting Stiletto mean to you?

LUCIE: Living a Globetrotting Stiletto lifestyle. A Globetrotting Stiletto is a fierce woman. Someone who is independent. She makes the world her own and has no limits.

GTS: Yes! It definitely is a lifestyle, one that you effortlessly represent.

So, we did some digging and discovered that you have an interest in children and humanitarian rights. Do those interests ever influence the destinations you choose to travel to?

LUCIE: Yes, although I haven’t been able to get involved as much as I want to. When I travel to Haiti, I do volunteer in local schools and promote how others who are interested can get involved. I did a lot of mentoring with children in my early years of travel, and I want to incorporate more humanitarian work on my trips moving forward.

GTS: What’s the most significant impact travel has had on you?

LUCIE: Traveling has opened my eyes to a world that I didn’t even know existed for almost two decades. I had a bit of a messy childhood. My mother was wheelchair bound by the time I was ten and I wasn’t able to travel until she was moved to a nursing home many years later. Growing up I didn’t have much confidence in myself. I focused on taking care of mom and home, that’s it. My mom’s dream was to visit Paris, all she knew was New York and Haiti, so my first trip was to Paris and Rome and from the get go it boosted my confidence. After that came Finland, which was another major confidence boost. Suddenly I had dreams and visions and I didn’t really have many of those growing up. I wanted to travel, but I didn’t think it was going to happen for me. By the time I started traveling full-time with my camera as a photographer, so many dreams that I never thought were possible started to come true. Back in the day I thought life had to have structure. There’s no particular structure to my life right now and strangely I am at the happiest point I’ve ever been.

miss jetsetter

GTS: Forbes chose you as one of 14 travel experts to weigh in on chose “The 30 Cheapest Places To Travel In 2017.” Is budget travel something you’re known for? If so, give us a few quick tips on how to get the most out of a destination on a budget?

LUCIE: I do a mix. The destination is the most important thing for me. Some places I visit are not going to have the greatest luxuries. Other times money may be tight so I can’t afford the luxurious lifestyle. I love luxury so that’s sprinkled into a lot of my travels but at the same time I do like to see as much as possible and budget travel has always allowed me to do that. I spend a lot of time in Europe, so when I’m there I just buy an unlimited global rail pass and bounce around for 30- 60 days, which turns out to be much cheaper than flying throughout the continent.

Also, I’m totally cool with booking 3-4 coach tickets versus booking one first class ticket. I love luxury but at the end of the day it’s about seeing more of the world. I tend to focus more on budget and just being able to get the most out of my money.

Finally, there are some great tools that I use to find flights. Kayak and Google are two of my faves. I’ll just put New York in the search, along with the month that I’m traveling and my budget, for lets say $600, and it’ll actually show you all the cities that you can get to from New York for $600.

GTS: You’ve been to 48 countries, what’s your first and last passport stamps?

LUCIE: First was to Paris and the last was to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

GTS: Is there any specific region of the world that you just can’t resist?

LUCIE: I have fallen in love with Morocco. Compared to all of the other places that I’ve been, Morocco was just the most eye-opening and culturally shocking, and I rarely get culture shock. The spices and scents; When you’re walking down the streets there’s so many sights and sounds that are hitting you all at once. It’s mind blowing. 

GTS: Any destinations you’ve visited more than once? What keeps drawing you back?

LUCIE: Strasbourg, France. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies and that city inspired Disney to make the film. It’s just so beautiful and  looks untouched. I can’t resist that place!  

GTS: We know travel photography is your thing, what makes your approach different from the thousands of travel photographers out there?

LUCIE: I use a lot of color. Color is what inspires me. I don’t know if it’s the Haitian in me but anything colorful is what I want. I’m dying to dye my hair a rainbow color right now. I am all about the colors, the vibrant greens, blues and reds. 

GTS: Destinations to hit up that people don’t usually have on their radar? 

LUCIE: Haiti. I will always advocate for Haiti. I am from Haiti and grew up traveling there but I never really knew much besides my grandmother’s backyard. When my husband and I got engaged I wanted to introduce him to the culture and the food. When we went, I was captivated because the media tends to show you what the earthquake did and as important as that is, there’s so much more to the country. Haiti is one of those countries that is still really untouched when it comes to tourism, there’s so much to explore there.

GTS: What’s the future of the travel movement? Do you think more people of color will continue to travel in 2017 and beyond?

LUCIE: I definitely think so! I think everyone, not just POC, believe that travel is beyond their reach. You see all the travel photographers and influencers online and everyone is so different and I think that’s proven that just about anyone travel. When I first started traveling I did have some issues because I was one of the only black girls in my group, which can be uncomfortable. But luckily for me, there are so many inspiring women of color who have been all over the globe that I can learn from. The movement is getting bigger and better and I don’t see it stopping.

miss jetsetter

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