November 13, 2015

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You ever have that annoying feeling that you’re missing something? Well, no matter how bad that feels, it feels even worse to actually miss something, like a hot new collaboration or overnight health food craze. The really important things. That’s why every week we’re bringing you a checklist of all the buzziest pieces, products and places popping up in everyone’s feeds, photos and conversations.

In this week’s Hot List, we’re bringing our taste buds to Honolulu to enjoy the one food item that prevented some of us from dying from starvation in college—noodles. We’ve also pulled together a list of the most stunning spots to hit in Greece, festivals that we are encouraging you to visit around the globe, and finally, Victoria’s got her annual secret to share with us so now we’re sharing it with you! Spoiler Alert: this secret airs on Tuesday, December 8th on CBS. Save the date and keep reading.


Saimin Noodle in a bed of vegetables, yum!

For all you foodies out there, here are different types of noodles that Globetrotters should try out around the world on their travels. First up, the saimin noodle, which did originate in China, however, Hawaii is crafting it into their very own because of settling Chinese and Japanese immigrants. Hosting egg noodles, dashi (Japanese-style broth), green onions, and additions like spam, this street food is best served at the most authentic place you can find! Try out Jane’s Fountain in Honolulu. Saimin is so popular that its even begun to be served on Hawaii’s McDonald’s menu – are you lovin’ it?

Mee Goreng Noodle with hints of pepper and lime

Next stop, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore for quick bowl of spicy fried noodles, known by locals as mee goreng. Balinese beach is a destination on the rise where you can enjoy a flavorful serving on the cheap. Traditionally made with yellow egg noodles that have a chewy texture and are fried with garlic, onion, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, and your choice of protein, this dish is a big bowl of comfort waiting to be devoured by you. The Chopsuey Cafe in Singapore offers a delicious crab mee goreng, sauteed with king prawns and fresh crab. Yum!




The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is one thing we look forward to each season. Elaborate costumes, fun performances, gorgeous models—seriously, how could you not be into it!  This year marks the production’s 20th anniversary and we can’t wait to see what surprises they have in store for us. The actual show doesn’t air until Tuesday, December 8th on CBS but we got a glimpse of the brand’s ultra sexy lingerie last week.  Here’s the part where you get excited—Boho Psychedelic, Exotic Butterflies, Portrait of an Angel, Ice Angel and the finale, Fireworks, are the show’s featured segments, which all came with intricately crafted undies and wings to go along with it. Performances by Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez and The Weekend, who fully channeled Michael Jackson in his renditions of “In the Night” and “Can’t Feel My Face,” are said to be pretty epic too. Get ready to mark this year’s fashion show as one of your faves.

BeFunky Collage


563b97d06f74facb3e9d84e0_greece-Zagorohoria-vikos-gorge-cr-alamyThe Country’s Mountainous Northwestern Region

Zagorohoria is a blissful village located in the northwestern mountainous area of of the country. Here you’ll find unique, very old, stony and protected bridges; canoeing and kayaking, rafting and swimming in the Voidomatis river during summer, while great hospitality and yummy  can be enjoyed in boutique hotels, hostels and restaurants all year round.

Hydra is Celebrated for its Arts & Culture

The island of Hydra is laced with distinctive beauty, grace, and simplicity. Horses, donkeys, and mules are the Hydra’s main modes of transportation, which lends to it’s undeniable charm. Walk the cobblestone streets and interact with hospitable locals or enjoy a fresh seafood dinner at one of its many restaurants. Our head-heel-in-charge visited a few years back and highly recommends it. Noted.

Sounion on the Southern tip of the Attica Peninsula

Cape Sounion is a fabulous coastal area located 45-minutes outside of Athens and is where Greece’s revered Temple of Poseidon can be found. If you’re up for a journey and a spectacular sun-set, head here!  A little fun fact: Poet Lord Byron had a love affair with Greece, and his name is carved into the base of one of the columns at the Temple of Poseidon. Look for it.



Wonderfruit Festival 2015

Wonderfruit Festival 2015, Pattaya Thailand

Thailand and Mexico, yes, Thailand and Mexico, host some of  winters’ best under-the-radar and not too over-the-top festivals. If you’re not a festival fan or think events like these are only for the summer, better think again. With intimate venues and tight guest lists, this is sure to be a can’t-miss experience!

Tropico Dec. 4–6, Acapulco, Mexico

A vast green lawn just steps from a white sand beach is the setting for Tropico, a paradisiacal music festival at Hotel Pierre Imperial in Acapulco, Mexico. The intuitive lineup revolves around the sunrise and sunset, meaning there’s plenty of time for pool-lounging, ocean-swimming, and shopping at the market.

Wonderfruit Festival Dec 17–20, Pattaya, Thailand

The year-old, four-day music festival, Wonderfruit, offers the sorts of things the modern-day boutique festival-lover could want. In addition to round-the-clock music, there’s an on-site organic farm, a full schedule of wellness workshops, a swimming lake, morning bike rides, and a “healing village” offering everything from massages to reiki.

Our Habitas Dec. 27–Jan 3, Tulum, Mexico

This tiny roving festival may have a seriously tight guest list (applicants are asked to submit a mini-essay) but once you’re in, the vibe is like a beautifully-designed grown-up summer camp. Attendees to the all-inclusive event stay in high-end, gypset tents and enjoy a blissed-out week of communal gourmet dinners and wellness-focused group activities.


BeFunky Collage
The ever-so essential winter coat sets the tone for the outfit that you’re wearing underneath. However, the key to knowing that you’ve scored a great one is when function and chic meet! Here are a few ideas on which types to wear.

LEFT:This wrap coat designed by Fendi has a color skim that is made to stand out. This tweed coat with shearling gives life to your outfit and it nothing short of a statement. Try it over a body-conscious dress and add heels.

CENTER:  A classic camel coat fro m H&M like this one creates a classic silhouette. Every closet deserves to have this wool blend, especially for those harsh winter morning walks to the office!

RIGHT: Every stiletto needs her decadent fur coat. No need to confine your fur coat to only formal occasions, this coat can go all-purpose to add extra drama to any outfit. This Coach fit made from sheepskin is luxuriously plush, equipped with a two-way zipper for an adjustable fit.


– Naomie Y. Church

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