The Truth About HB2

The Truth About HB2: A Moderates Perspective

Domestic travel is on the rise. From cross-country road-trips to quick weekend getaways, globetrotters are foregoing globetrotting to explore destinations right in their backyards. And can you blame them? America has a lot to offer, which makes the chaos surrounding North Carolina’s House Bill 2 (HB2) all the more interesting. Just in case you’ve been hiding under…

rock yo rizos

60 Seconds With…Mel Burgos

You see these badass influencers crushing it on the gram and know they got a story to tell. Not the branded narrative promoting a product or service (no shade) but the important stuff like, why they think it’s important for women of color to travel, or how to discover the best of a destination in…

croatian cuisine

Grubbing Like a Native in Istria, Croatia (You Need In)

Rumor has it that the only place to find real Istrian food in New York is at the social clubs in Astoria, Queens. Not far from Brooklyn, but social clubs typically require memberships and since I’m not a Croat, Slav or Italian (the three official Istrian nationalities) gaining entrance may be a struggle. It’s worth a…

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